With the Climate Strike last Friday, the abundance of pithy signs and well-intentioned young people, I think it’s appropriate to ask, ‘who was the audience for this protest?’

Who was the audience for the Climate Strike?

Was it the UN Climate Summit this week in NYC? Or our elected leaders and institutions in general? Why don’t they DO…

Ohio — The Heart of it All

ST. LOUIS — I grew up in Ohio. And as I like to say — if I ever wanted to know someone’s political beliefs growing up, I had to ask them. It wasn’t apparent. It’s how Ohio picks the Presidents.

I now find myself traveling between all of these worlds…

You know — it may not be good for vegetarians, but Pork Barrel spending is good for the country. We desperately need it back.

What’s more officially known as the Earmark —a practice where you attach some spending project to a bill it has nothing to do with in order…

Dr. Daniel P. Beckmann

PHD Media Philosophy, Award Winning Journalist, Founder of Soapboxx.us, Foodshed.io & IB5k.com

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